Frozen Whole Round Skipjack - Raw Material
For the processing industry.
Frozen Whole Round Yellowfin - Raw Material
For the processing industry.
Frozen Skipjack & Yellowfin Gilled - Gutted - Head off
Frozen at least minus 18.
Frozen Raw Skipjack & Yellowfin Loins
Raw tuna meat boneless and skinless for processing.
Frozen Raw Skipjack & Yellowfin Tuna Steaks
Frozen, raw, skinless and boneless tuna meat cut in various forms.
Ultra Frozen Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna
Super Frozen Tuna, frozen at -60 C. It retains its original sashimi quality – including a healthy, fresh color and taste.
Frozen Pre-cooked Skipjack & Yellowfin Loins
Cooked, cleaned and then frozen tuna meat for the canning industry.
Canned Skipjack & Yellowfin Tuna
In a variety of cansizes and packstyles, in oil, brine or in sauces.
Pouched Skipjack & Yellowfin Tuna
Tuna in alu-coated bags for the food service sector and the food processing industry.
Jarred Skipjack & Yellowfin Tuna
Finely cut individual fillets of tuna meat, placed manually in a vertical position within a glass jar.
Skipjack & Yellowfin Tuna Meal
Processed from tuna offal, cooked and dried for livestock and aquaculture feeding.
Skipjack & Yellowfin Tuna Oil
With a high DHA concentration – crude and refined for livestock and human consumption.
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